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The Historic England Angel Awards, funded by the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation, celebrate the efforts of people who go to extraordinary lengths to protect, save and share their local heritage.

The awards recognise people who champion their local heritage and share and practise forgotten craft skills. They also celebrate young people, recognising their efforts to learn about heritage.

Are you involved in championing your local heritage or do you know of someone who is and deserves to be recognised for their efforts?

To be in with a chance of winning an award, complete this form and submit before midnight Sunday 3 June 2018.

The award categories are:
  • Best Rescue of a Historic Building or Place - for projects under £5m
  • Best Major Regeneration of an Historic Building or Place - for projects in excess of £5m
  • Best Contribution to a Heritage Project by Young People
  • Best Craftsperson or Apprentice on a Heritage Rescue or Repair Project
  • Best Heritage Research, Interpretation or Recording
Three applicants will be short-listed for each of the award categories and all short-listed applications will be invited to attend the award ceremony and after-show reception in London. Financial support is available to cover the cost of travelling to the award ceremony.

Before you complete this form please make sure you have:
  • Name and address of project
  • At least three photos of the project
  • A summary of why you are nominating this project.
    • One short text with basic details
    • A biography of the individual or group (200 words max)
    • The main aims/outcomes of the project (500 words max)
  • If you are nominating someone, their permission to pass on their contact details
Please read our Award Criteria and Guidance before completing and submitting this application form. They include:
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* 1. Who are you nominating for a ‘Historic England Angel’? For example, is it a colleague, friend, local contact or yourself?

* 2. What is the name of the project or site? (This is the official name of the project and how it would be referred to throughout the Angels process.)

* 3. Which category are you applying under?

* 4. Please give details of the person filling in the form.

* 5. Organisation, if you represent one

* 6. Please give details of the nominated Angel(s).

* 7. Contact details

* 8. Organisation, if they represent one

* 9. Please give basic details of the project. This could include: address of project; name of research project or campaign; website if there is one; Facebook or Twitter details; or any information that may be relevant.

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