Kilbride Historic Site, Lerags, Oban, Argyll

Market Research Survey

Kilbride, "The Church of St. Brigid of Lorn", is sited south of Oban, 1.1 miles from the main Lochgilphead road, in Lerags Glen.

It is almost certain that a Christian place of worship has existed on the site since the 5th Century Celtic church;  and documentary evidence exists that verifies a church stood on the site in mid 13th Century.   For more than two hundred years the church building and its associated graveyard were abandoned, and eventually fell into disrepair.   

However, the importance of its place in Scotland's national history and its historical connections with Clan MacDougall in particular, led to the formation of "Friends of Kilbride" in May 2015.    An extensive effort by local volunteers in Autumn 2015 has revealed some of that rich history, and plans are already in motion to carry out further preservation work.

"Friends of Kilbride" is a registered charity, formed to raise funds. to renovate and restore the site.    It's goal being to reveal the wealth of historical importance contained within it for the education and interest of visitors including tourists, local people, genealogists, archeologists, historians and others.   Once restored we aim to provide an unrivalled visitor experience through the use of multi-media mobile apps. personal guides and illustrated boards.  

We are conducting this survey to gauge the potential interest from the public in visiting such a site.   We also want to find out what your expectations would be if you were to visit the site.

* 1. What is your age?

* 2. What is your gender?

* 3. Are you connected to the MacDougall Clan

* 4. Are you a visitor to the area

* 5. Are you local to the area

* 6. How likely is it that you would visit the site

* 7. If you were to visit Kilbride what facilities would you expect to find

* 8. How would you prefer to receive information on the site

* 9. What entrance fee would you be willing to pay