NAS Student Support Services - Review Survey

Let us know how we have done in providing your support this year.

* 1. In general, have you found your support sessions useful this year? 

* 2. What have you used your support sessions to help you with this year and have you found our support service useful for helping you to overcome these areas of difficulty?

* 3. Do your support sessions go at the correct pace and length for you and do you feel comfortable to take breaks in your sessions?

* 4. Do your support sessions take place at the right time and location for you?

* 5. Does your support worker understand the difficulties that your Autism and/or other disabilities cause?

* 6. Do you feel that you have a good relationship with your support worker?

* 7. Do you have good communication with your support worker e.g. the ability to book sessions easily?

* 8. Was the NAS Student Support service overly or aggressively forced on you to use at any point?

* 9. Do you have any improvements or changes that you would like the NAS Student Support Team to make for future years?

* 10. Any other comments? Why not leave us a quote on how useful you have found our service