Brighton & Hove and East Sussex have a long history of working to improve how each area addresses all forms violence and abuse, with the aim of reducing the risk of anyone being a victim of violence and abuse as well as ensuring victim/survivors get the help, support and protection they need. We also want to make sure that friends, families and communities members can recognise violence and abuse and know where to get help and support.

In the next stage of working together, we are developing a joint strategy to create an enhanced and coordinated response to:
  • domestic abuse (including physical, emotional, mental, financial and sexual abuse, and coercive and controlling behaviour);
  • stalking and harassment;
  • sexual assault, rape and sexual harassment;
  • female genital mutilation;
  • forced marriage;
  • crimes committed in the name of ‘honour’;
  • sexual exploitation, including through prostitution and the sex industry.
Our aim is that all victims and survivors feel able to contribute to this consultation and benefit from the strategy that is developed from the results. Whilst these forms of violence and abuse are disproportionately gendered with the majority of victims/survivors being women, we know that many men are victims. This consultation is an opportunity to better understand how we can support men who have experienced violence and abuse.

We therefore encourage the views of all victims and survivors: women, men and those who identify as non-binary to participate.

A national charity, AVA, have been commissioned to conduct an independent consultation to gather the views of who live, work or travel to Brighton & Hove and East Sussex about these forms of violence and abuse.

We are inviting the views of:
  • Victims/survivors of any of the types of violence and abuse listed above. Anyone can be directly affected by abuse and so we encourage adults (over 18) of all gender and sexual identities, ethnicities, religions and levels of ability to participate in the consultation.
  • People who live or work in, or travel to, Brighton & Hove and across East Sussex. They may not have personal experience of violence and abuse but may have been affected by a friend’s or family member’s experience, or have witnessed violence and abuse in their community.
  • People have contact with victims/survivors or perpetrators in a professional capacity.

The consultation includes this online survey and some follow-up focus groups.

This survey is open until May 31st 2018. 

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