Instagram for Florists Onine Course


I’m very close to finishing my long-awaited Instagram for Florists Online Course.

I’ve been working on it for over two years, but finally I’m going to wrap it up. And I’ll be releasing it in early 2020!

This course will be entirely focused on helping florists use Instagram effectively to grow their floristry business and attract their ideal clients. It will be a six week drip-fed online course and will be a complete braindump of everything I know about the Instagram app.

I’m going to cover not only getting the basics of your account watertight, planning your content and Grid but also Captions, Hashtags, Photography, Instagram Stories, IGTV, Insights and the Algorithm.

HOWEVER, I need your help. Before I finalise everything and make it live, I need to make sure that I’ve covered absolutely everything.

That’s where you come in. Please take a few minutes to answer this super-short survey. There is really only one thing I need to ask you…

What are your top two questions that I absolutely NEED to answer in my Instagram for Florists Online Course?

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* 1. What is your first top question about Instagram that I need to answer?

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* 2. What is the second top question about Instagram that I need to answer?