If your children would like to learn cycle racing skills, please register your interest here

Islington Cycling Club is a Go-Ride club and part of British Cycling’s development programme for young people.

From 25 March we will meet for weekly coaching sessions for 8-15 year olds in Finsbury Park on Saturdays from 10am-12.00.

Our sessions are run by experienced British Cycling coaches who offer a range of activities from cyclocross, time trialling to road racing in a safe and enjoyable environment.

The emphasis of our coaching is on enjoying our sport. Whatever ambitions a young rider has, whether that’s competing at events or simply to have fun cycling, our coaches will accommodate them and help to achieve their goals.

Your child will need:
• A bike and helmet in good working order
• Comfortable clothing
• A signed parental consent form (available on the day)
The cost is £5 per session (£3 for members).

Club membership is £40 which includes a club jersey.

For further information go to www.islington.cc, email secretary@islington.cc or call 07918 147548.

We're making plans for the first few sessions and it would be useful to have some information from you, so please fill in the details below about you and each of your children.
(We'll get you to fill out a consent form on the day)

* 1. First, some details about you (parent/carer)

* 2. Next, some information about your child

* 3. Please fill this section in if you have a second child who wants to take part

* 4. And if you have a third child who wants to take part, fill this section in

* 5. And if you have a fourth child who wants to take part, fill this section in

* 6. If you have any questions or special requests please use this box to let us know 

* 7. Would you be interested in assisting with the sessions or training to be a coach yourself?

* 8. And finally... would you be interested in joining Islington Cycling Club yourself? 
Tip: go to www.islington.cc to find out more about us.