We would like to invite you to take part in a very brief (around four minutes) survey that is an important way of providing your view on the future of pension contributions in the UK. We understand your time is limited and have kept the survey very short to enable the widest number of members to participate. The survey is open to all businesses with employees in 'Defined Contribution' pension schemes (not 'Defined Benefit' or 'Final Salary' only).

To ensure anonymity we are not asking for any identifiable information. All surveys are being collected via a generic survey link and analysed at an aggregated level only.

 If you would like to talk to someone at the PLSA about the aims of the research, please contact Simon Sarkar (simon.sarkar@plsa.co.uk) and Alyshia Harrington-Clark (Alyshia.Harrington-Clark@plsa.co.uk).

Please complete the survey by 5pm on Friday 26th August 2022. It should take no longer than 4 minutes to complete.