Covid19 is impacting us all.  People are concerned about their families, friends and communities.  Thankfully many people in all sorts of ways are working together to support each other.  

  • Are you providing support to people around Covid19?
  • Have you set up a new service to deal with what is happening?
  • Can your group or organisation support new clients?
  • Do you have services with spare capacity?

GCVS specifically want to highlight where there are additional services that people can access at this time or where there is spare capacity for new clients, rather than where organisations are continuing to work with their own existing client group.

Our survey has 9 quick questions to gather information from you.  Once we have received replies we will share the directory via our website and social media to as many people in communities as we can and will of course keep it up to date.

If you have any questions, please email              

Many thanks for your support and so glad to be working together

GCVS Capacity Building Team