PIP consultation on further use of evidence 

During the PIP claim process, claimants are asked to provide any relevant evidence or information they already have that explains their circumstances (known as further evidence). Claimants can send supporting evidence with their ‘How your disability affects you’ form but they do not have to do so. Evidence might include:
• prescription lists
• care plans
• reports or information from professionals who help the claimant, such as a GP,
hospital doctor, specialist nurse, community psychiatric nurse, occupational therapist, social worker, counsellor or support worker. If appropriate when conducting an assessment and providing advice on a claim to DWP, Atos and Capita health professionals can consider requesting additional evidence to help them from people listed on the claimant’s form. Most assessments require a face-to-face consultation but some assessments can be completed on the basis of a review of the
available paper based evidence. We are investigating:
• how effectively further evidence is being used to assist the correct claim decision
and identify whether a face-to-face consultation is required
• the balance between how much and the type of evidence DWP sources and
what the claimant is asked to provide.

* 1. Are you responding as;

* 2. In addition to your claim form, did you send any further evidence as part of your claim? If yes, what was this? 

* 3. Was it clear what further evidence you should or should not provide? Please briefly explain your answer. 

* 4. Where you had access to additional evidence, how easily were you able to submit this evidence? Please briefly explain your answer? 

* 5. From your experience, how could the PIP claim process be improved? Please provide examples or suggestions. 

* 6. From your experience, what impact do awards of PIP have on claimants' ability to stay in, or return, to employment? 

* 7. How old are you? 

* 8. What is your gender?

* 9. Finally, did you appeal your PIP decision? If so, please tell us your experience of the appeals process.