1. Introduction

A new UK Catapult Centre will be established for Compound Semiconductor Applications. The purpose of the centre is to have high and positive economic impact - to reduce development and validation barriers to companies as they take products and ideas to market that exploit the properties of compound semiconductors.

The Centre will cover aspects of compound semiconductor application development, test, and validation after the point of semiconductor wafer fabrication and up to integrated system level.

As a public sector-supported service, it is essential that the products, services and tools that the Centre offers meets the un-met needs of the industrial base in a way that helps the UK industry and capability to grow. It is equally important that the CSA catapult complements and adds capacity and value to what already exists within the supply chain, rather than duplicate it.

This purpose of this survey is to gather input to help understand what skills, tools, capabilities and services the new compound semiconductor applications catapult can provide that will have the most benefit for your organisation.

The technology focus of the survey is on compound semiconductor applications related to Power Electronics, RF/Microwave and Packaging. 

You will be asked about:
- the position and activities of your organisation within the compound semiconductor supply chain
- what your strategic priorities are moving forward in relation to compound semiconductors
- what your current and future challenges and un-met needs are in terms of product, service or idea development
- what equipment, tools, services are that the catapult could provide that could help you, and what the impact of doing that would be on your business
- what equipment, services or tools (if any) you currently provide on a commercial basis that you feel may overlap with the intentions of the catapult.

The output of this capability analysis will be three separate and confidential reports for the new catapult centre on Power Electronics, RF/Microwave and Packaging. The reports will help to inform the new CEO as he or she makes the initial strategic decisions on the directions and activities of the Catapult.

Your inputs to the survey will therefore  be held in strict confidence, and will not be released to the public domain.