1. Introduction to the survey

The following survey is part of a project exploring experiences of bullying on school buses, and the use and perceived effectiveness of interventions such as the use of CCTV.  If you are a parent of a child/ children who use private buses on the journey to school we'd really appreciate it if you could fill in the following survey.  We're aiming to recruit people who travelled to school on a private bus/ coach (not on public transport) - where everyone on the bus is a school pupil travelling to school. 

The following survey will ask questions regarding your child's/ children's experiences of travelling to school on a school bus.  In particular we are interesting in hearing about their experiences of feeling safe, being bullied or witnessing bullying while on the bus. 

The survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete and we ask you a range of questions about your child's/ children's experiences.  We also provide space for you to expand on your answers if you would like to.  

Your responses will remain completely anonymous and confidential. Once we have finished data collection, all data will be collated and analysed for a report.  In the final report it will not be possible to identify individuals. If, after completing the survey, you change your mind and no longer want your responses included in the project, you can withdraw your data.  To do this simply email Nathalie Noret at n.noret@yorksj.ac.uk with your date of birth and last three digits of your postcode and your data will be removed.  You can withdraw your data up until 30th September 2017, after this point the data will be collated and analysed for publication and you will no longer be able to withdraw your data.  

If you are happy to continue and complete the survey, please answer the questions below and continue to the survey.  

The following questions on date of birth and postcode are included to generate a participant number.  You will be asked for this information should you wish to withdraw your data.  This information will not be analysed and will not be included in the report.  

Question Title

* 1. What is your date of birth?


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* 2. What are the last three digits of your postcode?

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* 3. Are you happy to continue with the questionnaire?