PTE Nomination Form

This is the official form to nominate yourself to become a member of the CUSU Part-Time Executive. Successfully candidates will become a member of the full CUSU Executive, and be able to submit budget proposals for a share of £7000 to run campaigns. Representative roles will also have a vote on CUSU Council. 

For more information on the Part-Time Executive please visit our website here.


* 1. Contact Information

In running to be on the Part-Time Executive, you will become a member of a Team or fill a representative role.
Within each team there are two electable campaign officer roles, and one per each representative role. 

* 3. Please state what the title/nature of the campaign you'd like to run if elected into your chosen position:

* 4. In no more than 500 words, please specifcy why students should vote for you and your campaign
(this will act as your manifesto, please feel free to use bullet points if preferable)

We require the above to ensure we have a word version of your manifesto. If you would like to send a PDF/designed version also, you can do so by sending it in an email to
(this must still be the equivalent to 500 words)

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact the elections committee: