1. Introduction

LEAF Marque is a leading global assurance system recognising more sustainably farmed products. The LEAF Marque Standard is based on LEAF’s Integrated Farm Management (IFM) principles, and all LEAF Marque certified businesses are independently inspected.

In 2019, a review of the LEAF Marque Standard v15.0 identified topics that could be developed to improve relevance or contribution to the Intended Impacts of LEAF Marque.  The LEAF Marque Standard v16.0 Draft has been informed by the research on each of these topics, which included stakeholder interviews, desk-based study, and trial audits.

This survey has targeted questions on these topics. We are particularly interested in your views on whether these changes are relevant, feasible, and auditable. We recommended you read the summary of changes (detailed, or short) before completing this survey.

Click here to view the LEAF Marque Standard v16.0 Draft
Click here to view the LEAF Marque Standard v15.0

Public consultation on the LEAF Marque Standard v16.0 Draft will open on the 17th November 2021 and runs until the 17th January 2022. Please ensure we receive your comments by the close of consultation on the 17th January 2022.

For further information on the LEAF Marque Standard and other ways to provide feedback, please visit the public consultation website.

If you have any questions or require assistance in answering this survey, please contact LEAF (E: jenna.higgins@leaf.eco; T: +44 (0) 2476 413 911).

LEAF Marque will collate and review all comments received during the consultation. A summary of the comments and changes made to the Standard will be shared with all participants in the public consultation. No confidential information will be disclosed in the summary.  LEAF Marque treats all information received from respondents with care.

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