Maisemore Parish Council - Solar Farm Public Access Survey

Dear resident,

As you should be aware by now, there are proposals for a solar farm to be created on land to the south of Maisemore, being the fields east of Persh Farm. A leaflet has been circulated by the promoters, Renewable Connections, to village residents and an online consultation event was held at the end of April. If you don’t have details of the proposals, please contact Renewable Connections on 01452 260969 or download a copy from their website –

MPC is issuing this brief survey to ascertain the level of demand from village residents for public access to parts of the site not affected by solar panels (on account of being in the flood plain). The plan in the leaflet outlines what is being proposed, though please note access points are still to be determined.

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* 1. Do you as a village resident support having access to the riverside areas between Maisemore and Over along the west bank of the Severn and across the existing bridge over the Leadon into the Over canal basin?

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* 2. If you answered “Yes” to the above question how would you like to use it – please tick as many as applicable:

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* 3. Please advise any other comments you would like to make.