Thank you for your interest in the Pemphigus & Pemphigoid Priority Setting Partnership.  We want to find out what people think are the most important areas for future research on the treatment of:
  • Bullous Pemphigoid (BP)
  • Pemphigus Vulgaris (PV)
  • Mucous Membrane Pemphigoid (MMP)
Research studies are often designed and implemented by medical academics and researchers, but we wanted ask the pemphigus and pemphigoid community (patients, their families/friends and health professionals) what should be researched to improve treatments for these conditions.

Previously, we collected questions about the treatment and management of blistering skin diseases from people with bullous pemphigoid, pemphigus vulgaris and mucous membrane pemphigoid, their families and the people who care for them and treat them.

We are now asking you to help prioritise the questions by voting for the questions that are most important to you.

Please take part if you are:
  • ­A person who has pemphigoid or pemphigus
  • ­A carer/relative of someone who has pemphigoid and pemphigus
  • ­A healthcare professional working with people with pemphigoid and pemphigus conditions
  • ­From an organisation representing the interests of people with pemphigoid and pemphigus.
Further information about this project can be found on the website

This survey should only take a few minutes to complete.
14% of survey complete.