1. What is it all about?

In this survey we would like to hear from patients and carers who have been affected by pemphigus or pemphigoid disease and from the healthcare professionals who treat them.
This priority setting partnership (PSP) will make sure that future research into the treatment of pemphigus and pemphigoid is focused on the most important questions.

We would like to hear the questions you have about the treatments for:

·         bullous pemphigoid
·         pemphigus vulgaris
·         mucous membrane pemphigoid

(if you are a patient and think you have a pemphigus or pemphigoid disease but not sure what it is called, please carry on with the survey).
Although this survey will focus on treatments only, we know there are other areas of potential research that are equally important, for example the cause and diagnosis of these diseases, but these are excluded from this PSP.

Please see the information sheet here for more details about this survey.

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* Your personal data (name, email address), if you decide to provide it at the end of this survey, will be kept so that we are able to contact you about the next stage of the study.

All information that you provide in this survey will be kept strictly confidential.  Any information about you which leaves the University of Nottingham will have your name and address removed (anonymised).

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