CHEAD Nominations

CHEAD has been invited by HEFCE to nominate members for sub-panel 32. CHEAD will assess potential nominees by the criteria outlined in the following survey. To be considered for nomination by CHEAD, please complete this survey by no later than 5pm on 21 November 2017. CHEAD's Research Alliance will review and notify by 14 December 2017. 

Please note that CHEAD will only nominate academic staff in member institutions and no more than 2 nominees per institution. 

CHEAD is committed to supporting and promoting equality and diversity in research careers, and supports equality and diversity in REF 2021. In nominating members for sub-panel 32, CHEAD is committed to enhance the representativeness of the overall expert panel.

* 1. Name and Title

* 2. Contact Details

* 3. I have submitted work to the following REF panels:

* 4. Please list experience of research leadership (eg Unit Coordinator, Research Director, Associate Dean, PVC Research)

* 5. Experience in RAE/REF Panel and/or forming critical independent peer review opinions at a national level ( e.g. AHRC peer review college, Leverhulme or similar)

* 6. Please add any relevant knowledge and experience of interdisciplinarity, impact, and the wider use of research

* 7. Evidence of commitment to supporting or advancing equalities and diversity in research careers, and an understanding of the equality and diversity issues relevant own your research area