The PDA urgently invites members in all sectors to share their experiences

The PDA's main aim has always been to represent the needs of pharmacists and to support them in their practice and this is particularly important in these challenging times. We attach a lot of importance to listening to the concerns of our members as well as learning from their good ideas. To help us to do this effectively in these fast-moving times, members in all sectors are invited to share their concerns and experiences and put any suggestions that they may have.

We urge all front-line pharmacists to share their experiences and how COVID-19 has impacted their day to day work by completing this survey.

Depending on the extent you wish to share your views, this survey will take different lengths of time. You will be able to skip sections of the survey that are not relevant to you and will have the option to leave questions blank where you have nothing to say, as not all questions require an answer.  The maximum completion time for this survey if you complete every single section is 15 minutes. 

We thank you for your time.