When do you want the new office to open?

We're now taking suggestions on when our members would like our new Randalstown office to open based on past experiences. Below, you'll find options for current opening days in Antrim, with different checkboxes for the time of day you'd like the office to be open. Each of the options are as follows:

-Morning 9am-1pm
-Evening 2pm-6pm
-Standard Day 9am-4pm
-All Day 9am-7pm

Times are approximate. Please note: we DO NOT HAVE SUFFICIENT STAFF to open 9-5 or 9-7 every day, so please answer responsibly according to your needs. As normal, we will not be including hours on Wednesdays.

Don't worry about skipping a day if you don't want to make a suggestion for it!

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* 1. Monday

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* 2. Tuesday

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* 3. Thursday

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* 4. Friday

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* 5. Saturday

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