The decision to close Boots Corner is causing huge disruption in Cheltenham. It is dramatically increasing journey times, increasing air pollution in residential areas and clogging up roads like Rodney Road, St George's Street and the St Luke's area. It has also led to people with disabilities being unable to access the town centre, and has caused major delivery disruption to small businesses and restaurants.

So far, the trial has cost £150,000 from the highways budget and £25,000 has been spent on astroturf and 'hot tub' planters. If made permanent, the scheme would end up costing over £1.5 million of local taxpayers' money, taking it away from other pressing local priorities.

This is the solution to a problem that doesn't exist. Boots Corner has never been one of the four areas of Cheltenham which breached nitrogen dioxide limits. Closing it is simply making air quality worse by leaving cars gridlocked in other parts of the town. 

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