At this time of signficant challenge for all, PlayBoard is undertaking a survey aimed at identifying the impact of Covid 19 on those members who are based within the Charity, Community, Voluntary, Private and Statutory sectors.

The data collected will be used to guide ongoing discussions with Government regarding the challenges facing member organisations and how these can best be met.

Before beginning the survey, please read the sections below regarding the use of the data collected in this survey and how PlayBoard processes this in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

PlayBoard use the personal information and responses you provide only to collect responses and produce reports. Your personal data will not be shared with any third party. The published results will not identify you or your organisation. We may follow up on partially completed surveys by email or by phone.

Any personal data will be treated confidentially by us in accordance with data protection law.

Many thanks in advance for participating in this important survey.

It would be appreciated if you could complete and return this survey by 12 noon on Friday 1st May in order to facilitate upcoming engagement with Government.
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