About this survey

Who is this survey for?
This survey is for anyone who currently works or volunteers in a cinema (including mixed arts venues that house a cinema) or who has worked in a front of house role in a cinema in the last three years.

Who is behind this survey?
This survey was produced by Duncan Carson (an exhibition professional) with the help and advice of many others. This survey follows on from a series of conversations with front of house workers to understand their work and what we can all do collectively to improve it.

What will I use the responses to this survey for?
• To make it clear what the issues are that most affect cinema workers
• To create solidarity between cinema workers
• To evidence to funders, gatekeepers, cinema managers and industry bodies that action is needed
• To build a platform for change and a list of priorities
• To raise broader awareness of these issues with the public

Is my information safe?
I am very aware that talking about these issues often leads to victimisation, managerial or colleague reprisals or even sacking. I will only ever talk in generic terms about results, with the most granular version of specifics relating to individual chains (e.g. '23% of Cineworld workers felt…’). All the individual survey results will be kept securely. You are under no obligation to offer personally identifying details. Your responses may be quoted, but we will be mindful of the way that even relatively generic details can be attributed or misattributed to individuals by management.

We have left every section open for comments. You are welcome to write what you want, but we also acknowledge that many of these issues will be painful to talk about. If it helps you to write this down, you are welcome to, but please be mindful of how discussing these issues may affect you. You do not need to be exhaustive or specific in describing your experience. We are looking at these issues broadly, so your response can be broad. If you find that discussing these subjects is painful, The Film and TV Charity runs a 24 hour support line on 0800 054 0000.
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