PASS (the Proof of Age Standards Scheme) accredits card schemes based on agreed standards for verification of identity and the rigour of the card issuing process, meaning that those accepting these cards can be confident these are valid documents.

A growing number of people want to prove their age through a digital system on their phone rather than or as well as using physical proof of age cards. The purpose of this consultation is to seek views on whether or not PASS should extend its remit to cover the use of Digital Proof of Age (DPoA) as well as physical forms of Proof of Age. 

The consultation proposes a new PASS Standard to enable any number of Accredited Digital Suppliers (ADSs) to operate via a single open-source DPoA Retail Validation Interface (RVI).

The consultation will run until Thursday 30th April 2020 and the PASS Board welcomes views from all interested parties. All responses will be considered before PASS decides whether and how to proceed with the proposal at its meeting in July 2020.

If the Board decides to proceed, suppliers would be invited to apply for accreditation as an ADS in July 2020 and it is envisaged that the RVI would be made available to retailers & DPoA acceptors from October 2020.

If you have any queries about the consultation, then please get in touch with Katharine Walters at:

Please click next to respond to the consultation. Please note that ACS (the Association of Convenience Stores) is using its SurveyMonkey account to support the administration of the consultation process. The information that you provide will go directly to PASS and will be analysed by them. ACS will not use the information you provide for any purpose, however your response will be stored on ACS’ SurveyMonkey account.
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