Application for appointment as an international examiner for MRCP(UK) Part 2 (PACES)

Dear Colleague,

Nomination and appointment of examiners at centres outside the UK

On behalf of the Federation of  Royal Colleges of Physicians of the UK may I thank you for your interest in applying for examiner status. Please complete this application which will then go to MRCP(UK) Central Office for consideration (please note that incomplete applications cannot be considered). 

You are required to be a Fellow “in good standing”, ensuring that your fellowship subscriptions are up to date. As you will see the application form is comprehensive and requires the names, supporting statements and signatures of two referees, both of whom should be Fellows of one of the UK Royal Colleges of Physicians and at least one should be a current MRCP(UK) Examiner. You should also have the support of the PACES Federation Lead Examiner at your centre. In addition, I would be grateful if you could read the detail of the declarations that require your signature before the application could be considered.

Appointments will not be made purely on the grounds of eligibility, but will take account of specific requirements at the local PACES centre. These requirements will include consideration of the balance of College representation, the balance of medical specialties represented by the examiners, the need to ensure sufficient host examiners in hospitals where the exam is held, and the overall size of the local examiner panel in relation to the number of candidates being examined each year.

If your application is successful, arrangements will be made for you to train in an upcoming diet. This will involve shadow-marking five candidates at each of three cycles. You will complete a marksheet for each candidate seen which will be collected by the Chair of Examiners and compared at the MRCP(UK) Central Office with the marks awarded by the two Examiners at the same Station.

If approved, you will act as an Examiner at the next suitable diet and your name will be added to the pool of Examiners at the local centre.

Thank you, once again, for your interest.

Dr Donald Farquhar

International Medical Director (Assessment), MRCP(UK)