Pewsey Parish Council is committed to ensuring the promised wheeled sports hall is provided for the community area in a purpose built unit, adjacent to the Vale Health and Wellbeing Centre. The wheeled sports area will be a community led offering that can enable skating, scooters and bmxing for young people in a purpose built indoor facility.
The facilities and the activities will be managed by the community and the Parish Council welcomes your input in to provision and operating model.

* 1. Would you primarily use this facility for:

* 2. What times of the day are you most likely to use this facility? (please tick all that apply)

* 3. With a community led model the success of the facility will be as a result of its users and volunteers. How much time would you be prepared to invest in our wheeled sports area?

* 4. If you have said you're willing to support this facility in some way with your time please provide an e-mail address in the box below for the Parish Council to make contact: