Bongate weir on the River Eden in Appleby currently poses a significant risk to the safety of river users.
An independent structural assessment of the weir carried out in 2019 found it to be in poor condition.
Parts of it are unstable and in danger of collapse.
There are also large holes in the weir and dangerous currents in the pool below.

Since 2001, there have been two serious accidents involving children getting stuck in the weir.
Concerns have been raised by the public for something to be done to make it safe.

Several local organisations, also concerned at the risk to public safety posed by the weir, have formed a group (called the Bongate Weir Group) to identify a permanent solution.
Members of the Group include Cumbria County Council, Eden District Council, Eden Rivers Trust, the Environment Agency and Natural England.
They have been working with Appleby Town Council and others to understand the issue and find a solution.
The group analysed all possible options and concluded that only full removal of the weir would remove any possibility of future accidents involving the weir’s structure.

If the weir is not removed, the Group believes that the only other option is to leave it to deteriorate and eventually collapse.
Please read the information leaflet about the proposal to remove the damaged weir on the River Eden at Appleby: 
Bongate Weir Group would like to find out whether there is public support for the proposal to remove the weir. 
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