Please complete as many questions as you feel able. 

* 1. Have you ever ridden trails on your horse in the Scottish Borders?

* 2. If you have never ridden your horse in the Borders, please tell us why:

* 3. If you were to ride the Scottish Borders, how many nights would you typically stay?

* 4. How many hours would you expect to ride each day?

* 5. Where would you expect to stay overnight?

* 6. Would you normally stay at a single accommodation and do circuit rides?

* 7. How much would you expect to pay for your own overnight accommodation?

* 8. How many people would normally be in your party including yourself?

* 9. Which services would you and your party expect to be provided?

* 10. During your stay, how much would you expect to spend per person on food and drink per day?

* 11. During your stay, what other items would you typically buy?

* 12. During your entire stay, how much would you expect to spend per person on items in question 11?

* 13. For your horse, what services would you want?

* 14. If you chose a paddock, how much would you expect to pay per night for paddock and feed for your horse

* 15. If you chose stabling, how much would you expect to pay per night for stabling/bedding and feed for your horse

* 16. Thinking about leaving your horse overnight, would you:

* 17. Would you be interested in riding sections of a longer-distance route (which might take several days to 
complete - not necessarily in one visit)?

* 18. If you were to ride longer-distance routes, what would be the size of your group of family/friends including yourself?

* 19. Would any of your party be non-riders?

* 20. Would you be tempted to stay longer if:

* 21. How confident are you with finding your own way around rural trails?

* 22. With regard to maps

* 23. With regard to mobile devices:

* 24. Please tell us what navigational apps (if any) you currently use

* 25. If it was possible to provide you with a device preloaded with maps and routes for use during your stay, would you be willing to pay for this service?

* 26. If you would be willing to pay for such a service, how much would you expect to pay?

* 27. Please tell us the County where you live?

* 28. If you would like to be entered in a free £100 prize draw please provide your email below.
This information will not be shared with any other body and is for sole use to identify a prize winner.  You will not receive any contact from RSHC or its partners other than in connection with the prize draw results, details of which will be available at after the draw.
The draw will take place on 1st March 2018.
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