* 1. On a scale of 1-5 (1 being as easy as possible, 5 being extremely difficult) how easy is it to do business in Tamworth?

* 2. Why did you base your business in Tamworth? (Please tick top reason)

* 3. If you've had a revaluation recently, has your business rate changed by:

* 4. Do you feel that Tamworth town centre should be primarily focused on:

* 5. Do you think there is sufficient infrastructure to support local industrial and business estates?

* 6. If you are a town centre business, a) what is the best thing about the town centre, and b) what could be improved?

* 7. Has the business climate improved / remained / declined in Tamworth over the last three years?

* 8. What impact do you believe the Brexit decision will have on your business?

* 9. What could the Local Council/Government do to improve opportunities for your business?

* 10. Any further comments?

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