* 1. Stallholders: Names of people attending from your organisation:

* 2. Name of your Organisation: 

* 3. Contact name, phone, email, social media, website for our event promotion and members of the public:

* 4. Please list one interesting or unusual volunteer opportunity you have with a short description:

* 5. Please list an interactive activity for your stall, where possible. This adds more interest to the event, helps with our event promotion and attracts people to come along to find out more about you!

* 6. Please nominate an individual volunteer and/or a volunteer team to receive a certificate of recognition for their volunteering from the Gravesham Mayor at 1.30pm.

Everyone nominated receives a certificate on the day  and will also be automatically invited to our Kent-wide volunteer awards celebration 2017/18.

For team certificates, please list the name of the team plus the names of the individuals who make up the team (if you would like) and all will receive a certificate.

Before the event, please confirm if those nominated can attend and/or the name of the representative collecting the certificate on their behalf.

There will also be a group photo with everyone who can attend holding their certificate and the mayor.