Our purpose and objectives

Before responding to this survey, please ensure you've read the proposals outlined in our 2019 AGM presentation. You might want to keep the slides to hand for referring to throughout the questions.

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* 2. Our proposed statement of purpose is: "Social Work Scotland is the professional body for social work leaders. We exist to represent the unique expertise and insight of senior social work managers, providing an infrastructure through they can inform and influence debates about children and families, criminal justice, adult social care and public service reform. We are a national membership body, bringing together individuals committed to delivering excellence in professional social work leadership and practice, and who believe in social justice, rights and equality."

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* 3. Our proposed strategic objectives are:

1) Promote the unique role, value and contribution of social work
2) Inform the development and implementation of policy, at national and local levels
3) Support high-quality and effective leadership within the profession
4) Champion research and evidence as the basis of policy and practice
5) Shape the direction and development of social work in Scotland

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