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Since 2008, the RCOA and AAGBI have advocated the use of a computerised anaesthetic record-keeping system [1]. These systems are now most commonly referred to as Anaesthesia Information Management Systems (AIMS). The prevalence of AIMS within UK hospitals is unknown, but extremely low. Many of the systems available are archaic and lack functionality, or are so generic in their remit as to be unfit for purpose. We want to help design better systems for the future but we need to know where we are starting from.

In some operating theatres, printers are available that will print the trends screen of the patient monitors used during anaesthesia, obviating the need for manual charting of physiological variables, but there is no associated electronic record that is centrally archived, retrievable or searchable. Whilst this does not constitute an AIMS [see Table 1], it does perhaps represent a step towards contemporaneous accurate anaesthetic records. We therefore also would like to understand the prevalence of this practice.

We endeavor to ascertain the rate of adoption of AIMS, and additionally, the barriers to adoption and what can be done to improve currently available systems.

Completion time is approximately 5 minutes.

Dr P Banugo (GSTT), Dr A Diba (QVH), Dr C Barham (QVH)

1. The Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland and The Royal College of Anaesthetists. Information management: guidance for anaesthetists. 2008

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