CAREIF/WPA Introduction

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'Wellbeing' is a difficult concept to define as it has different meanings at personal, cultural and global levels. Personal wellbeing has become ever more important as longevity, conflict, insecurity and environmental issues increase, and social and technological changes impact on our individual and collective lives. This survey offers participants an opportunity to reflect on their own perceptions of wellbeing and their lifestyle. Responses will enable Careif and WPA to seek indicators of practice which may enhance wellbeing in different cultural and sub-cultural contexts and make recommendations to policy makers. 
To complement research presented for the first time at the WPA International Congress taking place in Cape Town, November 2016, you are invited to complete this brief questionnaire. It should take only a few minutes. All responses are anonymous and data will be collated and utilised for future research purposes only. A copy of the final results will be made available on the Careif ( and WPA ( websites. By continuing with the survey, you are confirming your agreement with these terms.
Thank you for contributing to this important work.

The Centre for Applied Research and Evaluation - International Foundation (careif): careif is an international mental health charity that works towards protecting and promoting mental health and resilience with a special focus on young people, to eliminate inequalities and strengthen social justice. Our principles include working creatively with humility and dignity and balanced partnerships in order to ensure all cultures and societies play their part in our mission of protecting and promoting mental health and wellbeing. We do this by respecting the traditions of all world societies, whilst believing traditions can evolve for even greater benefit to individuals and society.

The World Psychiatric Association (WPA) aims to increase knowledge and skills about mental disorders and how they can be treated and prevented and promotion of mental health. By encouraging highest possible standards of clinical practice, WPA aims to promote highest ethical standards in psychiatric practice and to disseminate knowledge about evidence based practice. WPA aims to be a voice for the dignity and human rights of the patients and their families and to facilitate communication and assistance to societies. The mission of the WPA is to promote the advancement of psychiatry and mental health for all people of the world. 

Dr Jenny Willis, careif International Advisor on Wellbeing and Education