Best Independent Retailer 

The winner of this award will be Liverpool city centre’s Best Independent Retailer.

A unique store that’s loved by locals, employs the best and has grass roots within the city. This Award will recognise the store that brings people to Liverpool, whilst offering the utmost service, the very best products and something just that little bit extra-ordinary.

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* 2. What are the products you sell which make your store unique and attract customers to visit your store? (200 words max)

* 3. How has your performance improved over the last 12 months ? (200 words max)

* 4. In terms of ambition and growth – where do you consider your store in 12 months’ time? (200 words max)

* 5. As an independent retailer demonstrate how your store is doing wonders for the world of retail in Liverpool. (200 words max)

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