Welcome to the Disabled Student Experience Survey

This survey will give your SU and University valuable insights into your experience so far at Herts. By completing this survey your feedback will help us bring positive change to your University life, helping us as your Union to better represent your interests.

We also have 3 huge prizes up for grabs if you take part - Amazon vouchers worth £100, £60, and £40!

This survey is open to all current students who identify as having a disability and/or long-term illness. You will be asked questions on Study Needs Agreement, accessibility and community on campus.

By clicking next, you are consenting to partake in this research study to help your SU and University better understand the needs of our diverse student community, to develop and deliver inclusive policy/services, and to be able to identify and address any barriers / issues individuals may experience when accessing our services (including information about our services). It is important for us to know who our audience is so that we can better represent you and your needs.

We would therefore appreciate it if you can please complete the section below which will help to analyse the responses to the survey. The resulting data will be presented anonymously and we will take all steps possible to ensure you cannot be identified from your responses. We will ask for your Student ID number. This is to allow us to track how many students take part in our research each year, and to ensure that each response represents one individual student. Your Student ID numbers will not be published publicly and will be separated from your survey responses before analysis. 

This survey will take about 10 minutes to complete. If you have any questions about this survey, please contact the Students’ Union: research@hertfordshire.su 
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