Planned Surgery and Outpatient Care Survey

What is the survey about?

We are reviewing how health services across South Tyneside and Sunderland can be improved and would like to understand what is important to you.

The survey is about your experiences of planned surgery and outpatient care at either South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust or City Hospitals Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust.

Who should complete the survey?

The survey should be completed by patients who may have experienced planned surgery or outpatient care in either South Tyneside or Sunderland in the last two years. For example, this includes all patients who have attended hospital for:

- a planned outpatient appointment
- a planned diagnostic test, scan or other procedure including endoscopy  
- a pre-operative assessment
- a planned operation or other surgical procedure
- planned ongoing care for a long-term condition, for example chemotherapy, physiotherapy

This survey will close at midnight on Monday 11th June.

* 1. What was the main reason for your visit to hospital?

* 2. Where did your planned care take place?

* 3. Thinking about your planned care, which department or part of the hospital did you attend?

* 4. How did you arrive at the hospital?

* 5. How far is your home from the hospital?

* 6. Before your most recent visit to the hospital, had you previously visited the same hospital about the same condition or something related to it?

* 7. Did your planned appointment or procedure take place as scheduled or were there any delays?

* 8. Before you were referred to hospital, did your GP discuss support to prepare you for your surgery / operation or appointment (for example, help to stabilise diabetes, support to stop smoking or lose weight)?

* 9. When you were referred by your GP, do you feel you were involved in decisions about your planned surgery / operation or procedure being the right treatment for you?