Your diagnosis

This survey is for people who are living with bipolar and have received a diagnosis.
If you are not living with bipolar or have not received a formal diagnosis then please do not complete this survey.
TRIGGER WARNING. This survey includes sensitive questions about your experience of bipolar. If you need support during and after completing the survey please contact us at

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* 1. Have you ever been given a bipolar diagnosis, or a diagnosis of mania, hypomania or manic depression?

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* 2. Has your bipolar / manic depression been described as (you can tick as many as apply)

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* 3. We would like to better understand your diagnosis journey. Have you ever been diagnosed with these conditions?

  Never diagnosed with this Former diagnosis (now changed) Current (multiple) diagnosis Not sure
Depression (clinical depression, major depression, or unipolar depression)
An anxiety disorder
A phobia
A panic disorder
Obsessive compulsive disorder
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
Substance misuse (street or prescription drugs)
Emotionally unstable personality disorder?
Borderline personality disorder
Schizoaffective disorder
A psychotic disorder
Postpartum psychosis (postnatal or puerperal psychosis)
Postnatal depression (postpartum depression)
Post traumatic stress disorder
A problem with alcohol
An eating disorder
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