Three Rivers District Council is interested to understand visitors' views of Oxhey Woods.  Visitor opinions are very important to the Council in order to ensure that needs are being met and the quality of the park and facilities upheld.

Please be assured that the information collected will be kept in the strictest confidence and used for research purposes only.  It will not be possible to identify any particular individual or address in the results   

* 1. How often do you visit the park?

* 2. How do you tend to get to the park (tick all that apply)?

* 3. How might you be encouraged to get to the park without using a car (tick all that apply)?

* 6. Why do you visit the park (tick all that apply)

* 7. How long do you tend to stay at the park?

* 8. Please rate the following for the park:

  Very good Fairly good Neither good nor poor Fairly poor Very poor
The design and appearance of the park
The standard of cleanliness of the park
The maintenance of the park
The facilities and/or services that are provided for children and their parents
Overall impression of the park

* 9. How easy is it for you to get around the park?

* 10. How safe or unsafe do you feel using the park in daylight?

17% of survey complete.