At the Parish Meeting of 14 March 2018, it emerged that the Parish Council is seeking views about the need for, and use of, recreation and open space, both for present and future households.

This questionnaire seeks to gain a representative picture of views from Over residents and has been organised by a group of interested villagers. The results will be passed to the Parish Council to assist with their decision making.

The South Cambridgeshire District Council (SCDC) Recreation and Open Space Study of July 2013, shows a comparison of Over village provision with recommended standards.

The chart shows that even without additional housing, Over village is short of space for sport and in particular, lacks informal and play space.

To meet the recommended standards for 2013 (which used 2011 data) would require an additional area of about twice the size of the Village Green!  Five years on in 2018 with 150+ further new homes in the pipeline and with the village set to expand by circa 20% on the 2013 study,  even more land will be required to meet recommended standards.

Finding this additional land within the village presents a major challenge. It is essential therefore that what land does become available it is made the best use of; its usage needs to reflect what the residents of Over actually want and need.

Your views are important!  We would like to encourage a response from every resident, across all age ranges, so please ask other members of your household, children, family and friends to participate.

Please help us to collect the evidence to demonstrate the need and preferred use for additional amenity land.

* 1. Are you a resident of Over?