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Our Place Our Future

Would you like to join the new Inverclyde conversation, Our Place Our Future, and have your say about issues that affect you locally?

Yes! Then the Inverclyde Alliance is inviting you to take part in the Our Place Our Future survey - let us know what you would like to see happen in your local community and how you can help make it a reality.

The survey will let us gather your opinion on a wide range of issues important and relevant to you – from traffic, parking, streets and spaces, to housing, community and local amenities. You can complete the survey online at:

Closing date is Friday 30 June 2017 at 5pm.

We welcome your input. Please take some time to answer the questions below rating your answers by circling the number between 1 and 7 that best fits, with 1 being ‘not at all’, 4 being neither one way or the other and 7 being ‘completely satisfied.’ Add any comments you think might be useful in helping us better understand your answers.

To enable us to sort information by community, can you please enter your postcode below. We are then able to feedback the final report to your local community.

* 1. Please add your postcode to help us sort information by local area

* 2. Moving around - Can I easily walk and cycle around using good quality routes?

Are there safe, accessible, good quality pathways and routes for walking and cycling?

* 3. Public transport - Does public transport meet your needs?

Is it accessible, frequent, reliable and affordable?

* 4. Traffic and parking - Do traffic and parking arrangements allow people to move around safely and meet the community’s needs?

Does this allow people to move around safely and meet your community’s needs? (E.g. pedestrian crossings, off street parking, levels of traffic)

* 5. Streets and spaces - Do buildings, streets and public spaces create an attractive place that is easy to get around?

Is this a good place to live, do you feel positive about the area and is it safe and easy to get around both night and day?

* 6. Natural space - Can I regularly experience good quality natural space?

Can you easily access clean and pleasant parks and green natural spaces?

* 7. Play and recreation - Do I have access to a range of space and opportunities for play and recreation?

Are there good quality, accessible areas for children to learn through play? Are there affordable and accessible areas for teenagers and older people to meet?

* 8. Facilities and amenities - Do local facilities and amenities meet my needs?

Are they good quality, accessible and well maintained? Are they being used to their full potential?

* 9. Work and local economy - Is there an active local economy and the opportunity to access good quality work?

Are there opportunities for people to gain skills for work such as education, training and volunteering? Is this something you would like more information on (e.g. local adult learning classes)

* 10. Housing and community - Does available housing support the differing needs of the community and contribute to a positive environment?

Does available housing support the differing needs of the community and contribute to a positive and welcoming environment to live in for all?

* 11. Social interaction - Is there a range of spaces and opportunities to meet people?

Are there attractive, safe and accessible spaces to meet people from across the community? (e.g. Centres, shops, bars, cafes, churches, parks)

* 12. Identity and belonging - Does this place have a positive identity and do I fee I belong?

Do you feel you belong to the community? Are people positively engaged in their community? Are there groups and networks that help strengthen a sense of community?

* 13. Feeling safe - Do I feel safe?

Do you feel safe both at home and when out and about? Is the area safe for all regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religious belief, sexual orientation or disability?

* 14. Care and maintenance - Are buildings and spaces well cared for?

Are there any specific problems in the area, such as litter, vandalism or dog fouling? Do local authorities, housing associations, landlords and residents all know their roles and responsibilities? Is action taken when necessary? Is there a local residents association? Is it effective?

* 15. Influence and sense of control - Do I feel able to participate in decisions and help change things for the better?

Do you feel listened to? Do organisations such as local authorities, health services and housing associations actively work with the community to understand their needs? Are local community services/groups open to people getting involved?

* 16. General Questions
Answers to these questions will help us ensure we are talking to people from across the community?

Are you...

* 17. Are you...

* 18. Are you a...

* 19. Are you...

* 20. Where did you hear about about Our Place Our Future?

* 21. Would you be interested in making a difference in your community by being part of a group working together with others to improve your area? Or, have you asked for more details about anything in this survey? If yes, could you give your contact details?

* 22. Any other comments, suggestions?

* 23. Date completed?

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