Accommodation is available to prospective students who have booked a place on a Pembroke College Open Day. For a full list of Pembroke College Open Day sessions, please see

Please note that you are only able to book the night prior to the Open Day on which you are booked.

We regret that we are only able to offer accommodation to prospective students, and not guests.

Bookings must be made at least one week prior to the event that you have booked to attend.

* 1. Please enter your Open Day booking reference number (usually a 9 digit code from your Eventbrite form)

* 2. First name/given name

* 3. Surname/family name

* 5. Address Line 1

* 6. Address Line 2

* 7. Address Line 3

* 8. Address Line 4

* 9. Postcode

* 10. Country (if you do not live in the UK)

* 11. Email address

* 12. Please re-type email address

* 13. Mobile phone number

Please note that completing this online form does not secure your accommodation. Unfortunately we have a limited number of rooms available and so you must wait for us to confirm that there is still space.

We will contact you directly, by email, to confirm if your reservation is successful. If so, we will give you payment details for the £15.00 to cover room and breakfast. Your accommodation will then be secured when payment has been received.

As we have limited number of rooms available, they are only available to those attending our Open Day and who cannot make the journey to Cambridge in the one day. We regret that we are unable to offer accommodation to accompanying parents/carers/family members and supporters.

Clicking "Done" below will submit your booking request to us. Please wait for the confirmation screen to appear, and read the information which it displays. You may wish to keep a copy of this information for your own records before closing the window.