1. Entries are now open for Private Equity International’s 2017 Operational Excellence Awards

Now in their sixth year, PEI’s Operational Excellence Awards recognise and highlight the achievements of those in the private equity industry that do the most to add value to the operations of a portfolio company. Entries are open now for the 2017 awards. For more details click here.

Please enter your completed online submission by no later than Friday, 4 August 2017.

If you would prefer to submit your entry via email, you can access the downloadable submission form here, and once completed, email it back to OpEx@peimedia.com.


• The investment must have been at least partially realised on or after 1 June 2016.
• The four categories – small cap, lower mid-market, upper mid-market and large cap – refer to the deal’s entry price.
• Any information/financial data that you prefer to be kept confidential should be clearly marked on your submission.
• Firms can enter more than once if they have completed more than one exit during the qualifying period.
• The judges’ decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into.


* 1. In order to submit your entry, please provide the following details:

* 2. Category entered:


Note: all of the fields in this section need to be fully completed prior to submission

* 3. GP Name:

* 4. Portfolio company name:

* 5. Location of headquarters:

* 6. Sector:

* 7. Initial investment date (deal agreed):

* 8. Realisation date:


The judges will base their decision on the extent to which a business has, in their view, been operationally improved during its period of private equity ownership. The list of suggested metrics below is not intended to be definitive or exhaustive; they are not listed in any order of preference, and some may be more appropriate than others, depending on the specific investment. However, these are the kinds of factors that will inform the judges’ deliberations:

* 9. Top-line revenue growth:

* 10. EBITDA growth:

* 11. Employee numbers at entry and exit:

* 12. Geographic expansion:

* 13. Increase in market share:

* 14. Increase in product range:

* 15. Productivity improvement:

* 16. Exit multiple / IRR:

* 17. Average time per month spent with portfolio company (days):


* 18. Please explain in more detail how you created operational value within the business under your ownership, focusing on specific changes and initiatives (the more detail you provide, the easier it will be for our judges to reach a conclusion). You may wish to include details of: cost-saving exercises; bolt-on acquisitions; supply chain improvements; management changes; additional sales channels; ESG/ CSR initiatives; new marketing campaigns; and so on. We’d also be interested to hear exactly who was involved in developing the value creation plan, and what their relevant experience was.

* 19. Any additional documents can be uploaded here:

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