International Arts Rights Advisors (IARA), a collective of arts and human rights experts, is concerned that there is a chill on artistic expression as a result of artists being intimidated, trolled, harassed and bullied online in reaction to their artistic and expressive activities.  We are conducting this survey to help us understand the nature and scale of these threats, how they impact on artistic activity in the online space and what steps we can take in response.

The survey is anonymous.

We respect your privacy and commit to protecting your anonymity.  We are, however, collecting case studies, so if you’d like to tell us more about your experience, please do not hesitate to write us at: artsrightsadvisors@gmail.com

This survey will take no more than 10 minutes to complete.

Acknowledgements – IARA would like to thank Viktorya Vilk (IARA intern) and Human Rights Lawyer Andra Matei for their valuable input into the drafting of this survey.

* 1. Which of the following describes your gender identity?

* 2. Which of the following describes you professionally? Please tick as many as apply to you:-

* 3. How do you use the web and social media professionally? Tick as many as apply.

* 4. Have you experienced any of the following acts on the internet in reaction to your professional/expressive activity? Tick as
many as apply.

* 5. If you experienced any forms of online abuse, how long did it last? Please tick the longest period, if you’ve experienced several types of online abuse.

* 6. What impact did the online abuse have on your professional life?

* 7. What impact did the online abuse have on you psychologically and emotionally? Please tick as many as apply.

* 8. Did you seek or consult any of the following? Please tick as many as apply.

* 9. Was the support you received useful?

* 10. If you didn’t connect with available resources or networks, which of the following prevented you from doing so? Tick as many
as apply.

* 11. What do you think could help you and/or other artists and cultural practitioners withstand online abuse and harassment? 
Please ONLY tick the three that you think are the most important.

Many thanks for your time - the information you have given us will inform and illustrate funding applications to support programme of work to address the issues raised in the survey.

IARA is a collective of arts and human rights experts that work to protect freedom of artistic expression, and broader arts and cultural rights. We provide consultation services and access to our global and local networks.