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Welcome to the 'Fit for the Future' - Taking the Pulse of the OTC industry
The OTC Industry has been at the cusp of major change for years. But unfortunately we have not moved forward.
With new and changing legislations and fast paced technology we need to make sure that we are ready.

We have an opportunity to understand, how we as leaders of this industry can develop and support our people to change the future of self medication.

This survey, containing 5 key questions is a pivotal study with over 2000 Industry leaders to understand:
1. The main strategic priorities for growth of the industry
2. What is currently missing in terms of its peoples competencies
3. The priorities to fill those gaps!

With this gained knowledge we can all benefit and develop our teams and organisations with the necessary skills, knowledge and behaviours to bridge the gaps and win in the future.
The results from this survey will be used to help build the components of THE OTC TRAINING ACADEMY from Nicholas Hall & XPotential which will be launched at the Nicholas Hall Conference being held in Krakow in April 2016.

As a thank you for your time and participation, all named contributors will be entered into a draw to win 1 of 10 Nicholas Hall OTC 2015 Year Book's (electronic version) and will also receive a consolidated report summarising the results of the survey directly following the conference.