On 28 June 2013, the European Commission published the Directive on the Offshore Petroleum Licensing which became the Offshore Safety Directive (OSD) Regulations 2015. The OSD aims to reduce as far as possible the occurrence of major accidents, and consequential major environmental incidents, related to offshore oil and gas operations, and to limit their consequences. In relation to licensing the OSD requires that a greater range of considerations are taken into account before the granting or transferring of a licence to explore for, or produce, petroleum. The Offshore Petroleum Licensing (Offshore Safety Directive) Regulations 2015 build on the existing licensing regime in the Petroleum Act 1998 (and previously the Petroleum Production Act 1934) and apply that greater range of requirements. They also create obligations on the Licensing Authority (the Oil and Gas Authority – OGA) and the Competent Authority (The Offshore Safety Directive Regulator (OSDR)) in relation to the appointment and regulation of operators, who carry out functions under a licence.

BEIS is committed to carrying out a post-implementation review by July 2020. This survey aims to collect information enabling us to assess whether the regulation is achieving its objectives.

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