This survey is being sent as part of the OPAL (Occupational advice of Patients undergoing Arthroplasty of the Lower limb) study. OPAL is a NIHR HTA funded study examining whether it is feasible to undertake a trial of a return to work intervention for patients undergoing hip and knee arthroplasty. As part of this study the OPAL team are designing an evidence based return to work intervention. To help us understand how any new intervention might be delivered within current care frameworks we need to understand how pre-operative care and education are delivered across the UK and whether specific return to work advice currently forms part of this process. We would therefore be grateful if you could spend 5-10 minutes completing this short survey to allow us to establish and understand variations in current practice.

The survey is designed to help us understand who is involved and what information and/or advice is provided by members of the health care team at various time points during the patient’s surgical episode