Thank you for agreeing to participate in this survey which has been designed to collect information on the provision by higher education institutions (HEIs) of Open, Online, Flexible and Technology Enhanced Learning (OOFAT). The research is being conducted on behalf of the International Council for Open and Distance Education

The questions cover existing practice of OOFAT in higher education across the globe, with a focus on exemplary distance provision models which have become common practice for some providers, and could be achieved through a pathway to innovation for many others. Part of the study’s remit is to identify exemplars of possible pathways to innovative and sustainable practices or “future-proofing”.

Your data:
  • By taking part in this survey you consent to sharing information with us so we can use information about your institution in our research
  • Some of this data will be made available on an open licence so that other researchers can also work with the data
  • Data made available in this way will only be shared once it has been anonymized
  • No individually identifiable information or information regarded sensitive by the data provider will be released or shared with any other organization or individuals
  • Outputs from the research will be published under an open licence, (e.g. published under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International licence (CC BY SA 4.0)
  • Any data sets made publicly available they will be published under an open licence (CC0)
  • By taking this survey you declare your informed consent to your data being used in this way

This survey has 44 questions and is expected take about 35-40 minutes to complete. There are no compulsory questions. You are encouraged to complete the questions even if you are only involved with select aspects of OOFAT provision (e.g. within a department rather than responsible for your institution as a whole).

You may wish to review the survey as a whole before proceeding.  You can download a copy of all the questions via

Please include your contact details as the researchers may wish to contact you for clarification on the information you have provided.

Prof. Martin Weller (The Open University, UK)
Dr. Dominic Orr (Forschungsinstitut für Bildungs- und Sozialökonomie (FIBS))
Dr. Robert Farrow (The Open University, UK)

For queries about the survey in the first instance contact Dr. Dominic Orr.

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* 5. What is the name of your institution?
Please provide the name of the institution which you are describing. If you are only describing part of an institution, please provide the name of the host institution for the organisational unit you are describing.  From here this will be your 'OOFAT' example.

This survey is concerned with interesting sustainable models of OOFAT, which can be at a whole institution or other institutional units (e.g. departments or affiliated organisations) but not single courses. (You may have more than one example for which you wish to provide information.  If so, please complete the survey separately for each.)
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