OIX Market Survey 2018

Thank you for taking 5 minutes to fill in our short survey. This survey has been created to further understand the issues facing the identity industry right now, as well as gain feedback for our future events and activities.

All responses will be treated anonymously and we will be sharing the results on the OIX site by the 30th April 2018.

* 1. Have you been a member of OIX in the past?

* 2. If you were previously a member of OIX, what made you cancel your membership?

* 3. What are the main issues in the identity space that are affecting you and your business currently?

* 4. OIX have recently started a forum around blockchain and identity. What are you thoughts on blockchain being used as a form of identity governance?

* 5. Have you ever attended one of our events in the past?

* 6. If you attended one of events, how would you rate the event/s that you attended?

* 7. Have you read any of our whitepapers in the past?

* 8. If you read one of our whitepapers, how did you rate them?

* 9. Are you a member of any other identity groups? If so, please list them.

* 10. What do you think of OIX's standing in the identity space?

* 11. What publications both online and offline do you read regularly?

* 12. Would you consider joining OIX in the future?

* 13. If not, why not?

* 14. Do you have any additional comments you would like to make about OIX?