In 2016, an extensive consultation was undertaken into the regeneration of the area around the Weaver Square shopping centre. This area covers from Apple Market Street to Crum Hill (with potential to include up to Meadow Street). During that consultation the public, retailers and traders were asked what they would like to see developed to revitalise this part of the town.

This questionnaire focusses on the recommendations from that consultation. The emerging masterplan aims to complement the existing shops and services in the town centre including the high street and Baron’s Quay to create a new and vibrant town centre which provides opportunities for local people to shop, play and live with a greater range, and more accessibility to, local services.

We want you to help shape the future of your town. Over the coming months there will be a number of drop-in sessions where you can come and see the plans and talk to members of the team. Please search for Weaver Square Masterplan on Facebook and in the press to find out more.

Thank you for your time

* 1. How much do agree that Weaver Square requires regeneration?

Not at all
i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

* 2. The plan shows a building which could house a number of public services and would be a modern and purpose-built facility, easily accessible and with excellent links to public transport. If such a facility existed which services would you use at this location? (click all that apply)

* 3. Do you agree that the hub would be a good addition to Weaver Square?

* 4. The plan shows a modern glass and timber building which is envisaged as a  cafe / restaurant market such as Altrincham's market hall or Manchester's Mackie Mayor for independent operators. Diners could sit in an internal shared space or outside on pavement cafes. Would you visit such as facility?

i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

* 5. In the 2016 consultation there was a lot of discussion about the market hall in Northwich. How often do you use the market?

* 6. Please tell us what you like or dislike about the current market hall?

* 7. Do you use the Artisan market ? If so, how often?

* 8. What sort of market offer would you like to see in Northwich?

* 9. The plan includes residential property which will attract more people and spend, support existing and new retailers and drive footfall to the new Weaver Square area. More people living in the town centre will add to its vibrancy and make it a safer place, especially at night time. What type of housing do you feel the town needs in this location? Tick all that apply.

* 10. To create a sense of arrival for the new area the masterplan includes a public square. This square also links the main parts of the scheme to the existing town centre. What do you think this area should be used for? 

* 11. Having read about the elements of the masterplan, which of these would you like to see in the final plan? (tick all that apply)

* 12. Do you have any other points you would like to raise on these questions or the masterplan?

* 13. Have you viewed the masterplan for Weaver Square online?
Link to Council's consultation website
You can also see the full exhibition boards on this link to the Visit Northwich website.

* 14. While we have you, would you mind answering a few more questions about the future regeneration and services in Northwich? 

Northwich Library service delivers a wide range of activities and services and works with a range of partners to deliver services that are relevant to the community of Northwich. The library is exploring opportunities to enhance and develop services to ensure they are relevant.

What do you value most about the existing library service in Northwich?

* 15. What services would you like to see developed or evolved at Northwich Library?

* 16. Are there any partners you think libraries should be working with to deliver enhanced services to Northwich?

* 17. If you do not use the library is there a reason why?

* 20. How do you think the sector could be supported and developed?