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Have you got what it takes to make a difference for nearly 17,000 BU students?

SUBU exists to make student life better and the Full-Time Officers are fundamental to this. They lead on all aspects of how we are run and can have a real impact on all students, so what are you waiting for? Nominate yourself here!


Nominations Open
10am Monday the 10th of February - 12pm Monday the 24th of February

Candidates Briefing
2:30pm Wednesday the 26th of February F104, Talbot Campus

Candidate Materials Submissions (posters, videos etc)
5pm Monday the 2nd of March

Candidate Q&A
5pm Thursday 5th March
Campaigning Begins after the Q&A

Voting Open
10am Friday 6th March-4pm Thursday 12th March

Submit Expenses and Sign Fairplay Form 4-7pm on Thursday the 12th of March

Results will be announced 6pm 13th March, 5th Floor of the Student Centre

For more information either email or visit: for all the details.

This will tell you everything you need to do to nominate yourself and what to do next. This will include having your 300 and 50 word manifestos submitted by 12pm Monday the 24th of March.

1. Manifesto: This should convince people to vote for you. You may want to include why you would be the best person for the job, experience, plans etc.

2. Photo: Your photo will be taken at the Candidates Briefing

3. To submit your nomination, please complete this survey before Monday the 24th of February at 12pm. Any submissions received after this time will not be counted.

4. Then, the fun bit! You need to get elected. This will mean campaigning for votes across the student body and convincing people you are the best person for the job. This may sound daunting, but SUBU will give you support to get you started. Voting is open for 6 days, starting on Thursday the 6th of March.

For support more information about the support given to candidates during the campaign head to the candidate hub on the subu website

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* 9. Your nomination must be supported by a proposer and 10 seconders. These must be current BU students who support your nomination. Below please input the names, contact number and student numbers of these students. Students can only propose or second one candidate for any role. The students will be contacted to confirm that they support your nomination.

If you do not complete this question correctly you will not be able to run in the upcoming election. If you need more support please email

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* 10. Are you an International Student?

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* 11. Please tick to confirm that you have read the election rules, which can be viewed here. You agree to be governed by the rules of the election and understand that breaches of these rules can result in your disqualification.

To complete your nomination, you must send your manifesto by 12pm on the 24th of February to

Your manifesto can be up to 300 words. This should outline who you are, your experience and the positive changes you want to make. More support regarding manifesto's can be found in the candidate guide.

You will also need to send a 50 word condensed manifesto which will be used in our guidebooks.

Please ensure to check your word counts before submitting, as any manifesto's found to be over the word count will be reduced by deleting the last sentence.

If you would like any extra support when writing your manifesto please let us know by contacting

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* 12. Alternatively, you may submit your manifesto here now...

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To make sure you are fully prepared and have all your questions answered we have several training opportunities planned to help you through the nominations and campaigning process. Simply follow the links below to book your place.

Want to be a Full-Time Officer?
Time and Place: 11th of February, 5-7pm in Create Lecture Theatre
This is your opportunity to find out what exactly happens at SUBU. You’ll meet our CEO- Samantha Leahy-Harland, Head of Student Engagement- Irfan Zaman, and Commercial Manager – Alan Dove. This will be followed by the Head of Student Voice and Policy providing key trends in student feedback, so you'll get to find out what students really care about to make your manifesto really stand out!

Campaigning Workshop
Want to run for a full-time officer position but not really sure where to start? Lucky for you we’ve got an expert who can give you the inside scoop on how to plan the perfect campaign and how to make your campaign really stand, giving you the upper hand in the election.
Time and Place: 20th of February
12-2pm in the Committee Room 
2-4pm in the Purbeck Room
5-7pm in F204

Candidate Briefing
This is compulsory. You have to attend a candidate briefing in the elections. This is where you’ll find out the rules that govern the election, but you’ll also meet the other candidates you’ll be running with. Non-attendance could result in your removal from the election.
Time and Place: 26th of February, 2:30-4pm in F104

Public Speaking Workshop
Time and Place: 4th of March, 1-2pm in F105

Full-time Officer Drop ins
Time and Place: When suits you! just email

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