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We want to hear from you on what you feel Newham BID should deliver in its second term and whether you would support contributing towards the BID.

* 1. The Vision for Newham & Port of Truro 2018 – 2023

‘To improve and raise the profile of Newham & Port of Truro through
making it more attractive, accessible, safer and better promoted’

Do you agree with this vision?

Theme 1 – Access and Attractiveness

Please indicate your views of each of the following project ideas by ticking the appropriate boxes

* 2. Continuing maintenance contract to keep communal areas tidy, hedges and grass cut etc

* 3. Landscaping/planting communal areas to make Newham more attractive e.g. flower beds or planters

* 4. New infrastructure such as benches, heritage/interpretation boards etc

* 5. Lobbying for improvements to the roads around Newham & Port of Truro e.g resurfacing, road widening

* 6. Enforcement of traffic regulations

* 7. Bike scheme from Newham for employees to use to access Truro city centre

* 8. Provision of more signs in key locations across Newham & Port of Truro

* 9. Maintenance of current signs ensuring slats are updated when businesses change

* 10. Any other ideas to improve Access and Attractiveness?

Theme 2 – Safety and Security

Please indicate your views of each of the following project ideas by ticking the appropriate boxes

* 11. Maintaining the CCTV system, providing a monitoring/review service and liaison between police and businesses who are victims of crime

* 12. Providing security patrols during the evenings and weekends to deter criminal activity

* 13. Providing a security/warden service during the daytime to tackle incidents associated with anti-social behaviour alongside the river and other locations where such activity takes place

* 14. Any other ideas to improve Safety and Security?

Theme 3 – Marketing & PR

Please indicate your views of each of the following project ideas by ticking the appropriate boxes

* 15. Promotion of Newham & Port of Truro via various media channels

* 16. Joint marketing initiatives working with Truro BID

* 17. Business to business trading opportunities where Newham BID provides a platform for levy payers to promote their services to each other

* 18. If you support the idea of marketing and PR, please answer the following two questions:
a) Please prioritise (from 1 – 5; 1 being the highest and 5 being the lowest) the list below:

* 19. b)   Please prioritise the following digital forms of communication in terms of their importance to your business (from 1-3; 1 being the highest and 3 being the lowest):

* 20. Any other ideas to improve Marketing and PR? - Is there anything we can do to promote your business?

Theme 4 – Services to Businesses including cost savings

Please indicate your views of each of the following project ideas by ticking the appropriate boxes

* 21. Representing the views of businesses on key issues such as access, fly tipping, parking, planning issues, drainage etc

* 22. Making cost savings for businesses through a support based company (rather than commission based) with levy payers saving on telecoms, energy, merchant services etc. In some cases, this could make the BID levy cost-neutral. A trial of three businesses on Newham has demonstrated the likely success of this service

* 23. Facilitating networking opportunities on Newham for mutual business and social benefit

* 24. Workshops/Training e.g. financial planning, health and safety, risk assessments, IT, marketing etc

* 25. Any other ideas to improve Services to Businesses Including Cost Savings?

* 26. Further Comments

Please use the space below to add any further comments or to put forward any other ideas or suggestions for the second term of Newham BID

* 27. Your Reaction

Based on what you have read and your priorities, would you vote ‘yes’ for Newham BID to continue for a second term?

* 28. Your Details

* 29. Voter

Will you be the person voting in the Newham BID ballot?

* 30. If No, please provide the contact details for the person who will vote below:

Thank you for your time

If you have any questions or comments about Newham BID and the renewal please contact Mel Richardson, BID Manager on 07968 508295 or email